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Get to Know Us

Sunday, October 1

2P-7P | Oakland Avenue Urban Farm | 9227 Goodwin Street

Hosted by Ron Dance and Cassie 
Sounds provided by Sincerely & Ro Spit

In the historic North End of Detroit at Oakland Avenue Urban Farms 7 different chefs will prepare a cookout style dish that represents their family lineage.

Attendees can expect an afternoon of food, drinks, card tournaments, great music and fellowship. The event will raise money for the urban farm with all attendees having the opportunity to pay it forward. 


The Speak Easy is celebrating 7 years of storytelling. In this edition, we are expanding what storytelling looks like. We teamed up with Chef Max Hardy to bring more stories through food. Join us for the second  part of a culinary experience educating about food indigeneity & sustainability, community, and heritage through chef's curated food stories. 

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